artificial Intelligence students won the third place repeated in the scientific exhibition on climate change


Under the patronage of Prof. Dr. / Abdel Razek Youssef Desouky - President of the University and Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Mostafa Abdel Aal - Vice President for Education and Student Affairs

The competition of the scientific exhibition on climate change for the faculties of the university was implemented on Monday, October 31, 2022 AD at eleven o'clock in the morning at the entrance to the Faculty of Engineering (the competition included the activities of the field of scientific innovation to solve the problem of climate change)

In light of this, students of different faculties (Kafr El-Sheikh University) presented scientific projects and ideas in the face of climate changes, and the scientific exhibition on climate changes was held by presenting 20 ideas (20 teams from different faculties) with a total number of 100 students, which required the formation of a jury to evaluate these projects. And the extent of their conformity with the reality on the ground and the validity of the ideas presented. Follow the results in the attached pictures