Student Union

The legal direction and the ordinary course in which students at the faculty launch their creations and innovations in activities through various student union committees such as:

(Athlete, Rover, Cultural, Social, and Artistic). 

Mission of Student Union

The objectives of the student unions can be summarized as follows:

1.      Develop spiritual and ethical values and national awareness among students, train them in leadership, and the opportunity to express their views.

2.      Development of university spirit among students and deepening of links between students and faculty and staff.

3.      Discover and develop students' talents and abilities.

4.      Dissemination, promotion, and support of the formation of groups and student cooperatives.

5.      Dissemination and organization of sports, social, scout, artistic, and cultural activities, and promotion of the privileged. 

6.      Use students' energies to serve the community and develop a spirit of participation.


Running for student union

 Those who apply for membership in committees of the student union at the Faculty of Artificial Intelligence shall be required to meet the following conditions:

1.      They shall be nationals of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

2.      They shall be characterized by good manners and reputations.

 3.      Being a regular fresh student in his squad does not stay to be reinstated for any reason.