Objectives of the College

1) Preparing and qualifying human cadres in the various sectors of the country on artificial intelligence technology.

2) The development of academic programs at the university linked to the science of artificial intelligence technologies.

3) Enhancing areas of excellence in artificial intelligence research.

4) Encouraging and supporting scientific research in the areas of artificial intelligence.

5) Spreading scientific awareness of research techniques in the field of artificial intelligence.

6) Building strategic partnerships with international institutes and universities in the field of artificial intelligence.

7) Promote the national knowledge economy through the outputs of artificial intelligence research.

8) Investing the latest technologies and tools of artificial intelligence and applying them in various fields of work with high-level efficiency.

9) Optimizing all energies, using the available human and material resources and resources in a creative way.

10) Providing scientific and technical advice and assistance to bodies and agencies that use artificial intelligence technology and are interested in decision-making, decision-making, and support.


11) Spreading awareness and deepening it in society with the aim of using artificial intelligence technology in the various sectors and institutions of the state, and raising the efficiency of its use.