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International Students Affairs Management

 International Students Enrollment in the Faculties

·         After sending the approval by the general management for international students acceptance and scholarships and the international student file, international students affairs management, the general management of education affairs, presents approval statement of international student to the vice president for education and students’ affairs to approve the admission of international student; after the approval of the vice president, international student management sends the student’s file to his/her faculty for the enrollment.


·         Required Documents:

1)      Original of study certificate (certified)

2)      Copy of the student’s passport

3)      Original of birth certificate

4)      Embassy letter for those who apply via it

5)      6 personal photos

The student should pay tuition fees for enrollment


Enrollment Transfer for International Students:

·         For senior students, they apply re-nominations application

·         Re-enrollment for students who have finished the times of failing

·         Transfer

·         Enrollment transfer

·         Completing  study

        International student should apply for the general management for international students’ acceptance and scholarships before the beginning of the study


Transfer of International Students among Egyptian Governmental Universities

·         It is allowed for international students to transfer to all faculties in the Egyptian governmental universities provided that the student obtains an approval from the two educational authorities and also an approval of the president or the vice president for education and students’ affairs in both universities.

·         The transfer should be prior to the beginning of the study and it is not allowed after it except in some special conditions estimated by the council of the two universities. The student should pay all tuition fees and any financial obligations in the faculty from which the student transfer before completing transfer procedures.

·         For students transferred from Syria, Libya, Yemen and Iraq, they should apply directly to the faculty for which they want to transfer, with what proves his/her enrollment in one of its counterpart in governmental universities in one of these countries so that the student shall receive a letter of preliminary approval for the transfer directed to general management for foreign students in the ministry, but this will not be considered a final acceptance except after reviewing his/her papers with the ministry, then the student shall download these documents in addition to the equivalent high school certificate starting from 1/8/2018 on the website www.mohe-casm.edu.eg to review the students’ papers and date to see if he meets the requirements of terms of transfer to address him/her to complete the procedures.