Special News
Living System

 A)    Nutrition:

·         The appointments of nutrition:

o   Lunch is from 1 pm until 3 pm.

o   Dinner and breakfast the following day is from 7 pm until 9 pm.

o   It is allowed for student to modify these deadlines according to their conditions.

·         The student should present meal ticket for concerned employee.

·         It is not allowed for student to eat more than one meal.

·         In case of crowding restaurant, the student should sit in line to get his/her meal.

·         Meals are not presented not in its time unless it has permission from specialized management.

·         The tickets are personal and it is not allowed to be used by non-owners.

·         It is not allowed to bring meals to bedrooms except in illness case or permission from doctor.

·         It is not allowed to keep food in bedroom or to take pots from restaurant.


B)    Residence:

1.      Students are distributed to buildings and rooms for systems by supervision department.

2.      The student receives room specialized by prescribed form, so he/she receives a card including his/her image, name and room number.

3.      It is allowed for management to change student's room according to his/her request if there are special circumstances.

4.      The student pays fees after getting permission for payment from a supervisor and revising him from the students' affairs in the first five days of every month.

5.      If the student wants to be absent form dormitory, he/she should present a request for supervision before 12 pm of the previous day.

6.      When the student return to dormitory, he/she should write a paper for supervisor before 7 pm to receive meal ticket for the next day as these tickets are distributed in night. The student who did not eat his meal, he/she would not get new ticket until he/ she paid the price of this meal and 10% as administrative expenses.

7.      When he/she want to end his stay in it, he/she should fill form to be presented before the beginning of new month.

8.      The student should present room's contents to supervisor.

9.      The student has no right to stay in room after presenting its contents.

10.  The student should take into account calmness in the time of study and sleep.

11.  It is not allowed for the student to be late after 11pm for males and 8 pm for females in Thursday and solemnity.

12.  It is not allowed for the student to sit in balconies and public halls dressed inappropriately such as (pajamas and underwear…….etc.).

13.  The student should take into account rules of morals in using facilities especially bathrooms.

14.  It is not allowed to form groups or hold meetings or distribute handouts of political, religious and ideological nature which interferes with social peace.

15.  The visit is in sitting rooms until 8 pm for males and females, but guardians for females are the persons who determine whom will visit their girls after permission within their papers in the beginning of academic year.

16.  If the student wants to spend the time outside building, he should notify the supervisor, but for female, she should bring written permission from guardian in Thursday, Friday and solemnity.

17.  Furniture in room is custody for student to maintain it.

18.  The officials have the right to enter student's room to see the implementation of instructions of residence.

19.  The student should bring his personal belongings such as blanket, bed sheet, pillow and spoon.