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Terms of Acceptance

 A.    The student should be registered in one of faculties in Licentiate or Bachelor.

B.     The student should not live in Kafrelsheikh or in near center as dormitories management sees that transport from or to it is easy.

C.    He/she should not have any penalties from Kafrelsheikh University or any other university in the last year.

D.    The old student should not have penalty of deprivation of dormitories in the last year. It is allowed for dormitories management to accept the student in the last cases if it is necessary.

E.     Smoking is forbidden inside it and who oppose that is subjected to disciplinary investigation.

F.     He/she should not have any amount for dormitories in the last year or any other financial dues.

G.    The student should be fit.

H.    He/she should not be married or work as an employee in government or general sector and if he/she hides this information, he/she will be subjected to disciplinary penalties.

I.       The student will be considered to waive his right in residence in dormitories if he/she does not pay fees within fifteen days from the date of announcement of acceptance in dormitories. As well, it is allowed for chairman of dormitories board, according to the suggestion of general manager of dormitories, to bring the following student instead of him/her who meets the terms. Otherwise, according to the suggestion of general manager of dormitories and the approval of chairman of dormitories board, it is allowed to reaccept the student if he/she present an accepted excuse after paying 10% as administrative expenses and all fees.

J.      The residence of student finishes by the end of year and it is allowed to stay in summer holiday if he has summer study, but he/she should present certificate from faculty proving this. He pays maximum five pounds monthly.

K.    The acceptance is for only one year and accepted students are determined in the beginning of every year except the student of last years as their study continues after July with the same paper of the first last year.