Special News
Student Housing

 An Introduction.

·         Student Housing is one of important university facilities which present distinguished service supported for finest students in all faculties including:

A)    Student Housing for male:

It has two housing units for (548 students)

B)    Student Housing for females:

It has four housing units for (2200 students)

C)    Restaurant:

It has three stages:

·         The ground floor is for cooking and preparing food.

·         The first floor is restaurant for 450 male students.

·         The second floor is restaurant for 350 female students.

Student Housing is unique with some features:

·         It has a privileged location in the middle of university faculties in main road Kafrelsheikh Tanta.

·         It has high walls to provide safety for students.

·         It is provided with internal concrete road to link between residential units and various facilities.

·         It is provided with ambulance to serve its students.

·         It is also provided with night lighting network that represents radioactive and civilized façade in the entrance as well as electricity generating units for any sudden power failure.

·         There are mosques for especially Friday where there are the finest imams in Kafrelsheikh.

·         It has water coolers as well as water heaters.

·         There is internal sale outlet for their personal needs.

·         There are flat greens surround it from all sides.

·         It has telephone lines in every building wither card or currency for allowing students to telephone their relatives.