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Students' Unions Management


A)    Students' Unions:

It is the legitimate path for students to share their creativity and innovation in activities through different students' union committees (sportive, scouts, cultural, families, social and art committees).

?         The terms:

1)    The student should be Egyptian.

2)    He/she should behave in good behavior.

3)    He/she should pay union's fees.

4)    He/she should have activity in committee for which he/she is nominated except the first year.

5)    He/she should not have any judgment against him/her, either cancel or stop his membership in students' union and its committees.

6)    Students' council is elected until November of every year.


?         How to apply for Students' Union elections:

1)    The student should take application form from youth welfare management.

2)    After filling this form, it should be signed from the students' affairs, student welfare and the dean.

3)    It is delivered to youth welfare management.

4)    The president issues a resolution about the appointments and schedule for elections.

5)    It is not allowed for any student to vote except if he/she registered in elections' schedules and carry what proves his/her personality.

6)    The dean forms supervision committees for elections.

7)    Youth welfare management is responsible for preparation and supervision over elections.

8)    If it is possible for forming students' union for any reason, the dean issues a resolution about appointing students' union from smart students who has noticeable activity.

9)    It is formed by the leadership of the dean or his vice.

10)  The leaderships of council are from staff members.

11)  Secretary and assistant secretary for union council are elected from students. The head of youth welfare attend their meeting and is a secretary for fund.


?         Students' union presents many activities that are milestones in student's activity and university does efforts to be in the best form such as:

1)    The celebration of many national, religious and social occasions as well as other occasions as Sinai liberation festival, October festivals, spring festival and other occasions held by students' union by field visits for these occasions' sites and art, cultural and social meetings.

2)    Also, union prepares one day trips and long tourism, scientific, leisure, cultural and religious trips.

3)    It organizes union inauguration festivals annually.

4)    It does not forget presenting social care for students and help for people in need financially and morally.



B)   Students' Families:

?         Students' families is an organization emergent from families' committee in students' union to develop the spirit of cooperation among students and among them and their professors; to expand the base of social, cultural, art and sportive students' activities that help the students to develop their talents, skills and invest their spare time. Each family forms number of committees for activities such as social or cultural or sportive or trips committee, but every committee should have course of students and determined program.


?         The formation of students' families:

1)    Opening the door for families' registration through the first month of academic year, but the last date for its accreditation is the end of December of every year. It is not allowed for any family to practice its activity unless the decision of its accreditation.

2)    The family rapporteur with a student representative of every year go to one of staff member to tell him their desire in forming a family with its goals, determined program and the sources of finance.

3)    The staff studies the program and suggests what he sees that it is in line with the spirit of university traditions and customs in university.

4)    This request is presented over the dean to take the procedures, then to university to be approved to form family and take the following procedures:

?         Youth welfare management announces about forming families through bill-boards and in student gathering places in a week from the date of the approval of the dean.

?         The student who wants to apply for family should present a request including the name, year and address and accredited from students' affairs. It is not allowed for him to join more than one family.

?         The student should meet the terms of union membership.

?         The students' family should not be less than 50 members and not more than 75 members.

?         The names are accredited from the dean, then by university. Before this time, they have no right to practice any activity.

?         Every family should have management council.

?         Every family should prepare activity accredited by family leading and presented to the dean who will prepare comprehensive report about all families for university.


?         The preparation of students' leaders and care of distinct students:

Management will prepare students' leaders and distinct students care to develop the feeling of student about himself/herself, his/her national belonging, to help him/her to start the way of excellence and uniqueness and to prove himself to feel satisfied. This activity prepare appropriate environment for leading, intellectual and cultural intuitive students to show their uniqueness and activate their roles in leadership for future preparation.



?         Family activity presents the following activities:

1)    Cultural competitions.

2)    Program (know your country).

3)    Annual families' festival.

4)    Leisure trips among families.

5)    Social competitions.

6)    Participation in Egyptian universities competitions and activities.

7)    Environment and community service projects.

8)    Leadership preparation and civil learning courses.


The Project Name

The Number of Students

The Date

The Place


Rehabilitation and intellectual edification for students' leadership course

Two regiments (100 male and female students)


Not determined


October victory anniversary trip

One trip (100 persons)

Not determined

Ismailia and Port Said


University youth Parliament project

100 persons

All year

Students' union and families management


Distinguished Student Competition

45 students


Families management


Researches competition

100 (males and females students)


Families management


Distinguished students forum

100 (males and females students)

November and February



Trips for South Sinai

200 students

November, March and April

Sharm el Sheikh


Trips for Luxor and Aswan

100 (males and females students)

January and March

Luxor and Aswan


Students' families festival

500 students


University management


Best family competition

400 students

Not determined

University management


Friendship meetings

Four meetings (50 persons)

Not determined

Not determined


Positive thinking skills development program

100 students

Not determined

University management


Edification program for university girl

100 students

Not determined

University management


Future youth program

100 students

Not determined

University management


Call for dialogue

100 (male and female students)

Not determined

University management


Civil education for Egyptian youth

100 students

Not determined

Not determined


Union Sound (Non-periodical newspaper)

For all students

Not determined

Students' union and families management


Rehabilitation and intellectual edification for students' union course

100 male and female students

Not determined

Students' union and families management


Rehabilitation and intellectual edification for top students

100 male and female students

Not determined

Students' union and families management


Students' union conference

400 male and female students

Not determined

Students' union and families management


Training course in the field of Fight against smoking, drugs and addiction

60 male and female students

Not determined

Students' union and families management


Human Development Courses

100 male and female students

Not determined