Special News
Sportive Activity Management

 The sportive activity is one of important activities accepted by students as it satisfies the students' desires due to multiple fields which are consistent with his/her tendency. Sportive activity management carries out many sportive activities inside university on university clubs or outside activities with other Egyptian universities as the following:


1)    Sportive festival for new students on the clubs of the faculties of Sportive Education and Veterinary Medicine through the first half of October.

2)    Sportive magazines competition for faculties through November in general management for youth welfare.

3)    Sportive league for faculties in all individual and collective sports in clubs and stadium through October to choose sport team represents university in apical meetings.

4)    Sportive day for employees and staff members.

5)    Sportive information league for faculties.

6)    Sportive sector league.

7)    Specialized session.         

8)    Girls' week held in Beni Suef University.

9)    Sport day for celebration of Egyptian Sport Day.

10)  Sportive meeting with one of Egyptian universities for Egyptian universities league.

11)  Egyptian universities league.

12)  Sportive league.

13)  Participation in Sinai Liberation Day.

14)  Participation in sportive Olympic.

15)  Beach games festival for university faculties in Baltim.

16)  Internal sportive league.

17)  Participation in Arab universities championship for football held in Beni Suef University.

18)  Participation in apical meeting for speed ball.

19)  The achievement of first and second stages for football league with its three stages over all academic year in the faculty, then sport teams.

20)  The participation in el Refaee martyr league in all individual and collective teams.

21)  The third stage phase for football.