Special News
Social welfare

Plan for social solidarity programs and student's help is put by central social solidarity fund which aims to:

1)    The achievement of social solidarity in different way (insurance and social welfare).

2)    The contribution in executing services for students.

3)    Solving the problems face students and prevent them from continuing in study because of insufficient funds.


·         The terms for getting aids:

1)    The student should be regular student in Licentiate or Bachelor.

2)    He/she should be Egyptian.

3)    No university disciplined decisions should be issued against him/her that interfere with his/her benefit from fund.

4)    He/she should transfer to new academic year except if the fund sees that his/her social status satisfies his/her aid.


·         How to get financial help:

1)    The student who needs financial help should go to youth welfare to fill form including request from the student under the name of the dean.

2)    If the assistance is from university, request is presented under the name of the vice president for the affairs of education and students.

3)    In case of financial and in-kind assistance for students, this matter is presented to fund management council in faculty or university according to the student's status.

4)    In case of illness or remedy for student, it is mentioned in the request and medical committee assures that if the student deserves or not. Finally, it is presented to university council to agree for payment.