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Health Welfare

Instructions for students who want medical examination in outpatient clinics:

·         The student should bring transfer letter from the faculty (original and copy).

·         The student should bring faculty card and the year in which he/she enrolled.

·         The student should extract therapeutic card from students' affairs department if his/her case is required to transfer to Mubarak Hospital.


·         The steps of medical examination:


1)    The student should deliver transfer letter to registration office.

2)    He/she should wait in resting place in clinic until medical examination.

3)    He/she should go to pharmacy to get medicines after paying the half of its price.


·         The medical complex contains the following:

1)    Seven specialized clinics (dentistry, surgery, orthopedic, Ophthalmologists, Dermatology, internal diseases and ear, nose and throat).

2)    Medical laboratory analysis equipped with the latest medical equipment and oven for sterilization.

3)    Pharmacy for students.

4)    The above-mentioned clinics are operated under the supervision of specialist doctors from the Directorate of Health Affairs in Kafrelsheikh.