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General management of Student Housing


·         The general manager is Mrs Nadia Soliman Owidaa .

·         This management includes the following managements:


1)    Financial and administrative affairs management.

Mr el Saeed Abu Shaishaa Khafagi, the manager

2)    Dormitories management (males).

Mr Abed el Gawwad Baidair Youssef

3)    Dormitories management (females).


4)    Nutrition management.]

Mr Taha Garib Abed el Mageed



·         Dormitories:


1)    An Introduction.

·         Dormitory is one of important university facilities which present distinguished service supported for finest students in all faculties including:

A)    Dormitories for male:

It has two housing units for (548 students)

B)    Dormitories for females:

It has four housing units for (2200 students)

C)    Restaurant:

It has three stages:

·         The ground floor is for cooking and preparing food.

·         The first floor is restaurant for 450 male students.

·         The second floor is restaurant for 350 female students.

Dormitories are unique with some features:

·         It has a privileged location in the middle of university faculties in main road Kafrelsheikh Tanta.

·         It has high walls to provide safety for students.

·         It is provided with internal concrete road to link between residential units and various facilities.

·         It is provided with ambulance to serve its students.

·         It is also provided with night lighting network that represents radioactive and civilized façade in the entrance as well as electricity generating units for any sudden power failure.

·         There are mosques for especially Friday where there are the finest imams in Kafrelsheikh.

·         It has water coolers as well as water heaters.

·         There is internal sale outlet for their personal needs.

·         There are flat greens surround it from all sides.

·         It has telephone lines in every building wither card or currency for allowing students to telephone their relatives.



2)    The terms.

A)    The student should be registered in one of faculties in Licentiate or Bachelor.

B)    The student should not live in Kafrelsheikh or in near center as dormitories management sees that transport from or to it is easy.

C)    He/she should not have any penalties from Kafrelsheikh University or any other university in the last year.

D)    The old student should not have penalty of deprivation of dormitories in the last year. It is allowed for dormitories management to accept the student in the last cases if it is necessary.

E)    Smoking is forbidden inside it and who oppose that is subjected to disciplinary investigation.

F)    He/she should not have any amount for dormitories in the last year or any other financial dues.

G)    The student should be fit.

H)     He/she should not be married or work as an employee in government or general sector and if he/she hides this information, he/she will be subjected to disciplinary penalties.

I)     The student will be considered to waive his right in residence in dormitories if he/she does not pay fees within fifteen days from the date of announcement of acceptance in dormitories. As well, it is allowed for chairman of dormitories board, according to the suggestion of general manager of dormitories, to bring the following student instead of him/her who meets the terms. Otherwise, according to the suggestion of general manager of dormitories and the approval of chairman of dormitories board, it is allowed to reaccept the student if he/she present an accepted excuse after paying 10% as administrative expenses and all fees.

J)     The residence of student finishes by the end of year and it is allowed to stay in summer holiday if he has summer study, but he/she should present certificate from faculty proving this. He pays maximum five pounds monthly.

K)    The acceptance is for only one year and accepted students are determined in the beginning of every year except the student of last years as their study continues after July with the same paper of the first last year.


3)    The rules.

The students are chosen according to the following rules:

·         The empty places determined in dormitories in the beginning of every year specified as the following:

1)    60% of these empty places are specified for old students in case that they get good.

2)    30% of these empty places are specified for new students and accepted students from coordination office.

3)    5% of these places are for illness cases:

Poliomyelitis, heart diseases and blind people by a medical examination from hospital

4)    5% social cases.

5)    The priority of acceptance is for degrees, grades, residence and transportation.





4)    Living system.


A)    Nutrition:

·         The appointments of nutrition:

-       Lunch is from 1 pm until 3 pm.

-       Dinner and breakfast the following day is from 7 pm until 9 pm.

-       It is allowed for student to modify these deadlines according to their conditions.

·         The student should present meal ticket for concerned employee.

·         It is not allowed for student to eat more than one meal.

·         In case of crowding restaurant, the student should sit in line to get his/her meal.

·         Meals are not presented not in its time unless it has permission from specialized management.

·         The tickets are personal and it is not allowed to be used by non-owners.

·         It is not allowed to bring meals to bedrooms except in illness case or permission from doctor.

·         It is not allowed to keep food in bedroom or to take pots from restaurant.


B)    Residence:


1)    Students are distributed to buildings and rooms for systems by supervision department.

2)    The student receives room specialized by prescribed form, so he/she receives a card including his/her image, name and room number.

3)    It is allowed for management to change student's room according to his/her request if there are special circumstances.

4)    The student pays fees after getting permission for payment from a supervisor and revising him from the students' affairs in the first five days of every month.

5)    If the student wants to be absent form dormitory, he/she should present a request for supervision before 12 pm of the previous day.

6)    When the student return to dormitory, he/she should write a paper for supervisor before 7 pm to receive meal ticket for the next day as these tickets are distributed in night. The student who did not eat his meal, he/she would not get new ticket until he/ she paid the price of this meal and 10% as administrative expenses.

7)    When he/she want to end his stay in it, he/she should fill form to be presented before the beginning of new month.

8)    The student should present room's contents to supervisor.

9)    The student has no right to stay in room after presenting its contents.

10)  The student should take into account calmness in the time of study and sleep.

11)  It is not allowed for the student to be late after 11pm for males and 8 pm for females in Thursday and solemnity.

12)  It is not allowed for the student to sit in balconies and public halls dressed inappropriately such as (pajamas and underwear…….etc.).

13)  The student should take into account rules of morals in using facilities especially bathrooms.

14)  It is not allowed to form groups or hold meetings or distribute handouts of political, religious and ideological nature which interferes with social peace.

15)  The visit is in sitting rooms until 8 pm for males and females, but guardians for females are the persons who determine whom will visit their girls after permission within their papers in the beginning of academic year.

16)  If the student wants to spend the time outside building, he should notify the supervisor, but for female, she should bring written permission from guardian in Thursday, Friday and solemnity.

17)  Furniture in room is custody for student to maintain it.

18)  The officials have the right to enter student's room to see the implementation of instructions of residence.

19)  The student should bring his personal belongings such as blanket, bed sheet, pillow and spoon.



5)    Disciplinary system for students.

The students are subjected to disciplinary system as the following:

1)    The following cases are considered to be disciplinary offense:

A)    Delay outside dormitories.

B)    Making noisy inside building.

C)    Wearing inappropriate clothes such as (pajamas, underwear, .etc.).

D)    The use of tools in non-designated purpose.

E)    Staying outside it without permission.

F)    Exceeding politeness in treating his/her colleagues or employees.

G)    Skipping his/her turn in line in restaurant.

H)    Making noise in restaurant.

I)     Infringing schedules and decisions issued by dormitories.

J)     Tamper dormitories' custody.

K)    Practicing physical activity between buildings.

L)    There are students from outside in bedrooms.

M)   Giving the keys for students who are resident in it.

N)    Building custody is abused.

O)    Nutrition tickets are with foreign students.

P)    Student stays in dormitory although reporting he/she will be absent.

Q)    Drinking alcohol.

R)    Forming groups or distributing handouts of political, religious and ideological nature which interferes with social system.

S)    Playing gambling and banned games.

T)    Every action will affect the dignity or good behavior.

U)    Participating in demonstrations opposing public order.

V)    The absence for more than ten days without excuse.


2)    Disciplinary punishment:

A)    Warning: oral or written.

B)    Warning: deprivation of residence.

C)    Deprivation of residence from day to month.

D)    Deprivation of residence for more than one month until the end of academic year.

E)    Deprivation of residence for the end of academic year until the next year.

F)    The final deprivation of residence.

G)    If the student is deprived of residence, he/she will bear the expenses of spending a month and deprived of gaining insurance.

H)    The student who does not eat his/her meal although he/she has meal ticket, he would not get the next ticket until he pays the expenses as well as 10% as administrative expenses.


3)    The student will not get meal ticket if he/she does not pay dormitory fees until the tenth day, but after 15 days, he/she will be separated from it.

-       It is allowed, after the suggestion of general manager of dormitories and the acceptance of chairman of dormitories board, to return the student if he/she presents an accepted excuse and pay fine (20) pounds.



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