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An Overview of the Sector

The Education and Student Affairs Sector includes four public departments that provide services to approximately 75,000 male and female students in 20 colleges and institutes, which are:


First: General Administration for Education and Student Affairs

The General Administration for Education and Student Affairs contains four departments: the Department of Registration, Study and Examination Affairs, and the Department of Graduate Affairs. These departments begin their services to students after obtaining a high school diploma or its equivalent and extend until after the student graduates from the university.


Second: General Administration of Youth Welfare

The General Administration for Youth Welfare contains the following departments: Department of Sports Activity, Department of Cultural Activity, Department of Mobile and Public Service, Department of Student Unions and Families, Department of Artistic Activity. These departments are responsible for implementing plans for student activities in their various cultural, artistic, sports, social, and mobile fields in order to develop the capabilities and talents of students during the period Their enrollment in university


Third: General Administration of University Cities

The General Administration of University Cities contains the following departments: the Nutrition Department, the Student Housing Department, the Female Student Housing Department, and the Department of External Restaurants. Through these departments, they are responsible for providing full sustenance for students, including housing, nutrition, and practicing various activities.