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Speech by the Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs


The Vice President of the University for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Abdel-Aal, highlighted the importance of education, which is the secret to the success of any country scientifically, culturally, socially and economically. He emphasized the need for educational opportunities at all levels, which has been a priority for President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, who drives research and technology support to bridge the gap between research and community development.

The expansion of schools, colleges, and universities in Egypt has made educational opportunities available throughout the republic. The announcement of “Egypt Vision 2030” aligns with the mission of education by providing education opportunities, raising output quality, increasing scientific research effectiveness, encouraging creativity and innovation, developing community partnerships, and promoting cultural and social activities.

Kafrelsheikh University’s mission is to prepare competent graduates and contribute to building the nation’s educational structure. It aims to provide education consistent with international standards in an academic and research environment with distinguished human resources, effective community partnerships, and a supportive administrative system. The university also aims to serve graduates by concentrating on interact with the labor market by developing mechanisms to develop competitive capabilities of graduates.

It is worth mentioning that Kafrelsheikh University is regarded as a distinguished educational institution that seeks to provide its students with education and knowledge, striving to be a leading university in its programs and outcomes. The university has achieved qualitative educational, academic, and research leaps, thanks to government support.

The university is also keen to attract Arab and African students in addition to paying attention to the conditions of international students, as they represent Egypt in the field of education. Moreover, the university focuses on providing distinguished educational level and applying true educational quality standards to graduate students. The university is also committed to the educational process and scientific research, aiming to create an attractive and stimulating environment that supports excellence and creativity for researchers.


The university has implemented a hybrid education system, combining face-to-face and remote learning, with decisions made by the Supreme Council of Universities as well as the University Council. The integrated plan ensures the health and safety of students and educational process staff. The university administration has provided facilities in line with its digital transformation policy, enhancing technological infrastructure efficiency.


On this basis, the university urges all university employees, male and female, faculty members, support staff, and employees, to exert effort, redouble their work, and contribute, each in their role and position, to building the nation and spreading science and knowledge.