Special News
El Kemary Opens the Third Nile Delta Conference for Liver Disease and Digestive Tract

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary and Prof Dr Hasan el Batti, the dean of the Faculty of Medicine opens training workshop for speculum of colon and urinary tract within the events of the third delta Nile conference for liver disease and digestive tract.


In this conference, professors and specialists in the field of laparoscopic surgery of different medical specialisms and the conference reviewed experiences, new researches and advanced surgeries.

As well, the workshop deals with theoretical lectures to learn about the techniques of laparoscopic surgery in addition to the training of surgeons by simulation devices which deal with the basic rules of laparoscopic surgery through the use of structural models for these experiences.

On the other hand, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary adds that we hope that we have achieved the aim of this meeting which is the definition of laparoscopic surgery and its characteristics as well as learning about the latest used devices and techniques, providing the trainees with the basic skills for laparoscopic surgery, informing them about the various necessary surgical tools and training on its use through the use of simulators for this purpose which will raise the level of performance and reflect positively on the quality of health services provided for patients

The university will begin medical campaign to Rowaina village for medical examination and testing for people of village achieving the principal and role of university in community service.