Special News
The Scientific Student Conference for the Students of Physical Therapy

Under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary; the vice president for education and students' affairs Prof Dr Mohamed Abu Walli and the dean of the Faculty of Physical Therapy Prof Dr Amal Fawzy, the Faculty of Physical Therapy organizes the first scientific student conference for the faculty students

As well, the president praises the effort that the faculty management does in the progress of educational process and that the conference idea important and necessary is how to instruct students on how to start working in writing scientific researches and stresses the importance of acquiring students the skills of different scientific communication.

This step was done in the stage of postgraduate stage and the speed of the rhythm in scientific research requires us to do a lot of effort and race against time in order to keep up with rapid advances in scientific fields for a graduate able to meet the needs of local and regional labor market.