Special News
Nursing: Effective Care and Cost

The president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary witnesses the celebration organized by the Faculty of Nursing within the international nursing day

As he assures the highness of the nursing profession and message provided to the community which is indispensable to everyone.

As well, he also noted that the quality of nursing means the quality of medical service in hospital praising all employees in the field of nursing considering that they set an example in patience and endurance as they take care of the most precious asset of human being (life). The president stresses that university management cares for supporting the Faculty of Nursing for its services for community provided with the latest laboratories and training means for distinguished graduate for the service of people and community directing thanks to all who participate in this work.

From his part. The vice president for education and students Prof Dr Mohamed el Saeed Abu Walli mentions that the university management complete the deficit in staff members and assistant staff to ensure the quality of the graduate especially he/she should present great message to the society.

On the other hand, the dean of the Faculty of Nursing Prof Dr Mohga Abed el Aziz expresses her thank for the interest of the university management to establish this celebration under the slogan "nursing is continuous and comprehensive care" and this celebration included many musical and theatrical paragraphs by the students in the presence of staff members and large number of students.