Special News
The Ninth Kafrelsheikh University Day

Under the authority of the Prime Minister Eng Ibrahim Mahlab; the minister of higher education Prof Dr el Saied Abed el Khaliq; Kafrelsheikh governorate Prof Dr Osama Abed el Wahid and the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, Kafrelsheikh University celebrates its ninth day for its establishment.

As well, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary assures that university has achieved this progress and prosperity by the efforts of our loyal sons of staff members and employees.

During the celebration, the president honors the state awards for scientific excellence, university awards for scientific excellence, encouragement and appreciation university awards, the award of the best Master's Degree thesis and the best Doctorate thesis, winners of international publishing awards as well as winners of administrative excellence award. He also honors the previous vices of president and deans, staff members and administrators who complete their career walk sincerely. Finally, he honors the families of deceased during their service in recognition of their dedication.

On the other hand, he previewed what has been achieved during the last period including all aspects in terms of increasing interest of educational and research aspects, restructuring campus according to the requirements of the twenty-first century and establishing new faculties for the needs of community as well as developing the existing faculties and paying attention to infrastructure and aesthetic values as they has established green spaces in all interface places of constructions.

The aspects of achievement include the development of administrative structure to overcome administrative corruption, the rationalization of expenditure and maximizing the use of the available possibilities.