Special News
The Results of Competitions of Holy Quran and Hadiths in Student Housing

Under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary and the vice president for education and students' affairs and within the plan of student activities organized by youth welfare department for the academic year 2014/2015, the cultural competitions in student housing is organized in the field of memorizing holy Quran, Hadith and the results are as the following:

A)    Holy Quran:

1)      The first place: Sahar Ahmed Abed el Fatah

2)      The second place: Nira el Dawansy

3)      The third place: Mariam Ismail Zaid

B)    Prophetic tradition:

1)      The first place: Aya Mohamed Rashid

2)      The second place: Ghada Sabry Shaheen

3)      The third place: Samah Gamal Abed el Rahman

·         Arbitration Authority consists of:

1)      Prof Dr Osama Abed el Aziz, the previous dean of the Faculty of Arts and professor in Arabic Department

2)      Dr Ehab Shaftar, Arabic Department, the Faculty of Arts.

·         In the presence of:

1)      The general manager of student housing Nadia Suliman Owaida

2)      Mr Mohamed Fathy Nigm, the head of youth welfare department of student housing

·         under the executive supervision of Mrs Wafaa Hasanein, the manager of student housing (females)

·          The organization of Miss Taghreed Nassar, the specialist of cultural activity in student housing (females).