Special News
The Meeting of the Ministry of Higher Education with the Officials of Student Communication

Prof Dr el Saied Abed el Khaliq, the minister of higher education, held a meeting in the ministry with the officials of student communication in the presence of Dr Wahid Subhy, the official of student communication at Kafrelsheikh University and representative of Kafrelsheikh University assuring the need to activate student initiatives and turn them into themes and projects doable pointing to the importance of deepening the values of loyalty and belonging for students, provide necessary support for young creators and benefit from their positive energy as well as turn their innovations into products that serve the community and the national economy.

As well, he points to the need to improve the culture content provided for students, make them aware of the dangers of destructive ideas especially with regard to the wrong understanding of religion through scientists specialist and able to disseminate correct concepts of religion. On the other hand, Prof Dr Abed el Khaliq calls to the importance of cooperation with authorities caring to developing the system of values especially the values of belonging and loyalty among young people and they should invite the senior of thinkers and researchers who represent good example of students.

From his part, Dr Wahid Subhy, the official of student communication, mentions that one of the meeting decisions is that they add student communication committee in the structure of student activities i.e. within the supreme committee of student activities headed by Dr Subhy Hassanein and adds that the meeting was constructive and the decisions taken is in the interest of male and female students in university, enrich the spirit of cooperation and belonging for them as well as the values of patriotism.