Special News
Deans Council

Deans council under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary discusses on Monday 12/1/2015 the ways to enhance the capabilities of graduates by enabling university students to acquire intellectual and professional skills during their academic life and paying interest in the content and methods of teaching as well as provision of training courses appropriate for students' needs and new programs needed by labor market.

As well, the council discusses the ways to develop scientific research by attracting and developing staff members and distinct researchers of Egyptians abroad and at home and structuring research cadres through establishing research groups able to achieve outstanding researches in quality and quantity and of benefit for university and community and the leadership of group will be leaded by head who has at least three researchers published in magazines during the last two years and the number of research group should not be less than two researchers in addition to the chief researcher.

The council reviews the ways of follow up and evaluation of employees' performance by deans as well as financial and administrative guidance, establishing the principle of reward and punishment against duties and spreading the culture of quality and excellence in work.