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Students of Special Needs Care Bureau

Under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary; the vice president for education and students' affairs Prof Dr Mohamed el Saeed Abu Walli and the vice president for community service and environment development Prof Dr Ibrahim Mohamed Amman and the responsible for project of higher education development and within the events of higher education development project "TEMPUS" and easing for the students of special needs enrolled in different faculties, bureau is established for them under the authority of Mr Awad Mansour Ali, general manager of education affairs and the membership of:

1)      Mrs Noha Mohamed Abed el All el Sheikh, general administration of education affairs

2)      Mr Tarek Mohamed Ahmed el Mala, manager of social activity management in general management of youth welfare

3)      Mr Mohamed Fathi Nigm, the head of youth welfare department in general management of student housing

4)      Mrs Maha Gamil Hussein Abed Allah, general management of education affairs

The office has many tasks:

·         First, the office job:

1)      Providing suitable assistances for students of special needs to be able to compete with their couples in academic environment

2)      Helping students of special needs in getting all programs, services and activities sponsored by the university

3)      Providing advice and assisting students of special needs to access to classrooms and accommodations.

4)      Providing advice and assistance in transition from home to the faculty and workplace if any

5)      Helping students to raise their sportive, academic and knowledge skills

6)      Providing financial support.


·         Second, activities which should be carried out:

1)      Working with university to make sure of providing services (library, computer lab, laboratories, accommodation, meals and auditoriums) for students of special needs.

2)      The creation of academic community with what students of special needs need through brochures and holding meetings with employees, staff members and collective leaderships.

3)      Assisting students to get alternative formats for subjects (Braille - reading aloud - print large font).

4)      Management of financial resources to help students in providing financial services and activities.

5)      Make the necessary arrangements for deaf students of interpreters and blind students of skilled writers and trustees.

6)      Establishing database for students of special needs for easy communication with them

7)      Holding league for students of special needs (football, basketball, volleyball,…..etc)

8)      Holding training courses and trips to raise scientific, professional, intellectual, recreational competencies and leadership skills.

9)      Integrating students of special needs with normal students in science club, trips and training courses if possible.