Special News
The First Awareness Seminar for Diabetics

One of the first activities of the Faculty of Medicine which presents health care and serves all community citizens, the Faculty of Medicine organizes on Sunday 14/12/2014 the first awareness seminar for diabetics for staff members and employees as well as people of governorate under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary which assures the importance of the presence of the Faculty of Medicine in Kafrelsheikh University as the aim of its establishment is not only for educational process but for therapeutic health process. We are now reaping the fruits of this dream and it will be completed, God willing, at the opening of the university hospital in the next academic year.

Prof Dr Hasan el Batta, the professor of Internal Medicine and Liver Diseases in the Faculty of Medicine, discourses in this seminar and assures that diabetes is one of diseases which is easy to be controlled, so one must follow health guidelines with taking the sugar remedy regularly and appropriate dose to control this diseases and live normal life like a healthy person, but one who neglect remedy and diet it will lead to the high level of sugar in blood and symptom of many serious complications including all body organs.

At the end of seminar, they made medical examination and necessary medical analyses on the attendances especially the diabetics, and then they distribute sugar measuring devices in the blood on patients to stimulate them to pay attention to this disease and the need for follow-up to him from time to time even dysfunctional to complications.

Prof Dr Mohga Abed el Aziz, the dean of the Faculty of Nursing and Prof Dr Salwa Tawfiq, the professor of internal diseases in National Center for Research will participate in the events.