Special News
The First Place in Engineering Field in Innovations Conference at Mansoura University

The president prof Dr Maged el Kemary and the vice president for education and students' affairs review projects in science club in general management of youth welfare robot project which is a machine able to undertake preprogramed actions and transfer blocks, tools and instruments from their places to other places. This robot is manufactured by the students of the Faculty of Engineering.

The students: Ahmed el Saied Hasan, Mahmoud Magdi Hashim, Mohamed Hasan Abed el Raziq and Mahmoud Fekri Mustafa

Kafrelsheikh University will participates in the seventh robot forum in Hilwan University on Saturday 13/12/2014

The students display electric car project with which the university participates in the third scientific conference of researches and scientific innovations for students in Mansoura University on Saturday 6/12/2014. The university gets the first place in engineering field by participation of electric car project of self-charging manufactured by the students: Ahmed Mahmoud el Deeb and Mohamed Fathi el Shawadfy.

This project aims to enhance the use of new and renewable energies instead of conventional fuel. It is characterized with self-charging of movement process and solar energy unlike to electric vehicles which need to 3-7 hours for charging.