Special News
The Visit of Delegation of Education Students Union to Kafrelsheikh University

Due to the activation of university role under the authority of the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary in activating the goals of students union and expanding the circle of knowledge as well as activating protocol between university and the Directorate of Education in Kafrelsheikh to support talented school students in the field of scientific research, the university receives on Wednesday 3/12/2014 the members of council of students union of the Directorate of Education.

They visit the halls and grounds of the Faculty of Sportive Education and the laboratories of the Faculty of Science.

As well, they visit the laboratories of the Faculty of Engineering as well as the Faculty of Medicine within the medical sector faculties established recently (the Faculties of Pharmacy, Dentistry, Physical Therapy and Nursing) as well as university hospital equipped for the achievements of university mission for the promotion of remedy and health care inside Kafrelsheikh University

The vice president for education and students' affairs Prof Dr Mohamed el Saeed Abu Walli receives the delegation and opens discussion about students' activities and participation in science clubs.