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Scholarship for Graduation Projects Support for the Students of Practical Faculties Funded by Academy of Scientific Research and Technology of the Academic Year 2015/2014

Within the scholarship for graduation projects support for the students of practical faculties funded by Academy of Scientific Research and Technology of the academic year 2015/2014, one should do the following:

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Please kindly take necessary towards the formation of a scientific committee to assess the projects according to weights in the proposal of projects registration and the order of result of projects' evaluation in descending order according to the score of the faculty. They should acquaint them with the outcome of evaluation electronically and in paper certified by the vice president for post-graduation studies and research before 1/1/2015.

The applicants will be provided with the accepted projects to be funded by Email, then contract with academy.

If you cannot register electronically, you can register in paper and fill application form and on the light of published determinants in website: