Special News
The continuation of the cultural season in the presence of a journalist Refaat Fayyad

Kafrelsheikh University receives the journalist Refaat Fayyad, Editor in Chief of Akhbar el Youm and supervisor of Education Department within the events of cultural season who discourses a lecture entitled "the press vision for the political scene in Egypt"

The symposium focused on the role of media in the formation of conscience of the nation and the need for media with moderate thinking for construction.

As well, Mr Refaat Fayyad highlighted on what is happening in some universities of naysayers to the current reality and the reality imposed by the Egyptian people in 30 June. He explains that this phase for youth is not materialized with right ideas as some of them driven incorrectly for the lack of experience.

He adds that what is happening away from Egypt now calls to worry as Syria, for example, does not control except only 40% of all area of Syria and the rest is occupied from different nationalities and under multiple names come from more than 55 countries as well as the northeastern part is under the control of Daash organization who profaned the killing and slaughter in the name of the Islamic religion and the Muslim religion is innocent of them.

He stressed that without the presence of the armed forces along with the security forces in the Sinai, it will be carved out of our hands.

Otherwise, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary adds that Islamic religion calls for building not for killing or destruction because of doctrine as happened with the Shiites in the past and is happening now in Iraq, or because of the job as it happens against the army and the police not because of nationality as the organization Daash does of killing and slaughter against foreigners in Iraq.

He pointed out that what is happening in the Arab countries is now one of the means of the fourth generation of the wars that use technological means and material inducements a way to move people against themselves, there is no need to move the regular forces in order to divide the country, but this is done by moving one people against themselves is one of the cheapest types of wars, which is what happened in Yugoslavia and the Soviet Union before  being crumbled and is happening now in the Arab region, taking advantage of young by physical allurement and  multiple workouts and grand prize is Egypt.

Finally, he called on everyone to unite people for the completion of the road map by participation in the upcoming parliamentary elections.