Special News
Permanent Committee for the Choice of University Leaders

Permanent committee for the choice of university leaders begins on Thursday 13/11/2014 under the authority of the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary and the membership of the vice president for education and students' affairs Prof Dr Mohamed el Saeed Abu Walli; the vice president for post-graduation students Prof Dr Mohamed Hegazi; the dean of the Faculty of Commerce Prof Dr Reda Salih and General-Secretary Mr Abed Allah Gad Amin for two weeks in choosing university leaders to fill the position of general managers:

1)      General management of student housing

2)      The secretary of the Faculty of Agriculture (rank of general managers)

3)      General management for support and making decision

4)      General management of the President's office

5)      General management of planning and plan follow-up

6)      General management of organization and management

As well, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kemary mentions that the choice of leaders will be based on specific standards which depend on efficiency and the ability to overcome the lack of resources of ideas and management development project.