Special News
Masr el Kheir Institution Seeks to Equip Student Housing in Kafrelsheikh University

Kafrelsheikh University President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary receives the representatives of Masr el Kheir Institution within the program "wayfarer" to discuss the possibility of preparing one of student housing buildings to solve the problem of student housing.

As well, the president Prof Dr Maged el Kmeary mentions that student housing receives 3200 students and there are still large number of students in need of housing especially after the beginning of study in new six faculties and the increase of student demand for study in our university.

Otherwise, he adds that the university rehabilitates the old building of the Faculty of Specific Education in an attempt to accommodate large number of students.

In another context, the representatives of Masr el Kheir Institution visit computer lab in student housing prepared within the program "wayfarer" to know the views of students and supervisors as well as provide some training courses to increase the rehabilitation of students.

Kafrelsheikh University is about to sign protocol with Masr el Kheir Institution to equip lab with other five computers.