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Scientific School

M. Sc. Degrees

1-Al Desouky, A. A. A. (2018). " Geology and geochemistry of ophiolite-island arc association hosted sulphides as a guide of gold exploration in the Southern Eastern Desert of Egypt".

2-Abo Khashaba, S.M.A. (2019). " Integration of remote sensing and geochemical data for the exploration of some rare metals-bearing granitic plutons, Central Eastern Desert, Egypt"

3-Ahmed, H.Z.A. (2019). " Using remote sensing and geochemical data to indicate distribution and origin of heavy minerals in  some black-sand sites along the coastal plains and wadies across Red Sea mountains, Egypt ".

4-Mohamed Hassan Mohamed Hassan Ghoneim. (2021). Geological and geochemical studies of gold- and sulphides-bearing ophiolitic and island arc assemblages in the Southern Eastern Desert, Egypt

5-Mahmoud Ahmed Mahmoud Syed. (2021). Geological and geochemical studies of volcanic and metavolcanic rocks, South Eastern Desert, Egypt

6-Ahmed Saaid Moftah. (2022). Mineralogy, geochemistry and genesis of Fe-Ti oxide ores in gabbroic rocks from some selected areas, Eastern Desert, Egypt

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