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Field of Study and Current Specialization

Research Interest

1-Mineralogical and geochemical exploration of rare metals, wolframite (host tungsten), and lithium-bearing minerals (spodumene, mica) in younger granites and associated pegmatites

2-Remote sensing and geochemical studies of Neoproterozoic mineralized granitoid rocks enriched with rich gold, garnet and copper

3-Petrology and geochemistry of mafic-ultramafic rocks (ophiolite and layered intrusions) and their mineralization (Au-Ni-Cu- Co-PGM, Fe-Ti-V oxide deposits, chromitite, and sulphide deposits)

4-Carbonation of mantle (Rodingites and listvenite formation) and its relation with gold deposits

5-Geochemistry of  heavy minerals in Wadi deposits, stream sediments and black sands

6-Mineralogical and geochemical exploration of copper, cobalt and nickel in metavolcanics and related rocks (copper-bearing talc).

7-Porphyritic textures and their related mineralization

8-Alteration zone-related mineralization  and mineralization at thermal or intrusive contacts such as the contact between mafic-ultramafic rocks and late intrusions

9-The spatial difference and extent of serpentinization and magnetization of peridotites from base of mantle section to the Moho Transition Zone

10-Mineralogy and chemistry of chromitite deposits and associated platinum group minerals (PGM), and mineral inclusions as evidence of ore deposit origin and type of metasomatism.

11-Stable isotope (O, C, H) and isotopic compositions (e.g., Ar?K,  Rb–Sr, Re?Os, Sm?Nd, Lu?Hf, U?Pb) of mafic-ultramafic rocks (whole rocks) and their minerals (Amphiboles, Pyroxenes, Spinels, Olivines, Sulphides)

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