Cardio-thoracic Surgery Department

Cardio-thoracic Surgery Department performs operations to treat coronary artery disease, heart failure and heart valves diseases. Cardiothoracic Surgery Department includes a team of highly skilled physicians to provide an integrated medical service in this field. The university has provided the latest equipment of endoscopes and two operations rooms equipped with the latest international systems “Capsule System” with the possibility of conducting open heart surgery of high quality as well as chest surgery, bronchoscope and esophagoscope. This department also contains intensive care rooms dedicated to this department.





·         Staff Members at the Department 


1) Prof Dr Muhammed Mustafa Abed el All

2) Prof Dr Wael Muhammed el Feki

3) Dr Amr Ahmed Abdu

4) Dr Muhammed Ahmed el Demairy 

5) Dr Muhammed Magdy 

6) Karim Muhammed Madi 


·         Resident doctors:

1) Dr Muhannad el Malah

2) Dr Ahmed el Sisi

3) Dr Ahmed Muhammed el Saied