The Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research



Prof. Ashraf Rashad Shalaby

Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs

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The level of progress in scientific research is one of the most important criteria - if not the most important one - in judging the level of progress and development of nations. Scientific research is the locomotive of development, in which all the related performance is upright and developed.

 Therefore, the Agency for Graduate Studies and Research at the Faculty of Physical Education Kafrelsheikh University aims during the next three academic years (2019/2020 - 2021/2022), God willing, to achieve a qualitative shift, which is to move from the stage of availability to the stage of achieving quality in relation to the research service, and that It comes through:

Develop awareness of international scientific publishing, its methods, and mechanisms.

 Motivating faculty members and the assisting staff to represent the college in international scientific forums with research in various disciplines.

Building bridges of cooperation with foreign universities that are known for their research excellence, through joint scientific channels that allow the exchange of visits between the two parties, at the level of faculty members, as well as granting recognized degrees.

Setting research plans (short and medium term) in various specializations in line with the global research developments.

Encouraging researchers to adopt studies of an interoperable nature (associated with more than one specialty) in order to win them distinguished in terms of subject matter, treatment and results.

 Seek the existence of an internationalized version of the college magazine, along with the local issue.

 The foregoing is a challenge not only to the Postgraduate Studies Agency, but it is also for all participants in providing and engaging in the educational / research service in the college, as the concept of quality - in general - is based mainly on participation, which means that the success of any experiment is the outcome of the performance of those responsible for it.

 So ... the Graduate Studies Agency will spare no effort - with all its capabilities - in order to achieve an added value felt and touched by researchers, and it will start from where our distinguished professors who previously carried out the graduate studies and research portfolio ended, with emphasis on inviting everyone to participate positively. In this regard, through ideas and proposals, which will undoubtedly have a great impact on achieving the rise and rise of our beloved college.

 Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research Affairs

Prof. Ashraf Rashad Shalaby

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