Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs


Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Mohamed Zina

Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

My student students .......

It gives me great pleasure to extend to you my sincere congratulations on the occasion of the start of the academic year, hoping God Almighty that this year will be a bright extension of the years of study based on the principle of right and equality, and this will only come with perseverance, hard work and work.

We are happy to be your parents, educators and educators, and we promise you to do everything in our power to provide everything that would help you pass the university stage while you are more aware and aware, and deeper feeling and conscience as the primary goal of the university is to educate a person who is able to solve the problems of life, and will not come That is, except by ensuring academic achievement of building the mind, and participating in all activities that contribute to building the body and conscience to a person who is physically, mentally, psychologically, and socially balanced, so I call on my children that their goal in order to achieve success is science and work while emphasizing that the faculty members of the college You will not Make an effort to reach the goal.

In the end, I can only pray that God will grant us success in what we have set for him

Vice Dean for Education and Student Affairs

(Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Mohamed Zina)

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