Dean of the College




Prof. Dr. / Abdel-Halim Mustafa Okasha

Dean of the College of Physical Education


My student students .......

 It gives me great pleasure to congratulate you and welcome you in the faculties of the Faculty of Physical Education, the place you have chosen as the first step in the path of a bright and successful future, God willing.

To the new students, welcome to the beginning of a new stage in your life in which you, God willing, will attain the scientific, professional and social personality in light of the established and high academic traditions.

And to college students who have taken steady and successful steps in applying to the higher years, congratulations on a new year, the word of hope and success, God willing, in which you will gain more knowledge in order to achieve the hope of each of you and the hope of our dear Egypt in the best of its youth.

You will find members of the teaching staff, the assisting body, and workers in the college, God willing, the best support for you in a successful university life.


 God bless you and Happy New Year

 Dean of the College of Physical Education

 Prof. Dr. Abdul Halim Mustafa Okasha

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