Vision & Mission & Objectives

 It aims to prepare cadres well qualified professionally to practice the role of school media and theater inside and outside school. It also seeks to achieve professional development through research and studies in the field to cope with quality requirements locally, regionally and internationally.

prof. Dalia Elmasry, the dean supervises the department.

1- Mission of the Educational Media Program (Press, Radio and Television)

The educational media program (press, radio and television) seeks to prepare highly qualified and professional cadres equipped with the foundations of knowledge, skills, values ??and developments to meet the needs of educational and media institutions and able to compete in the labor market at home and abroad, committed to the ethics and ethics of the profession, and the message of the program also includes the contribution to enriching science Applied studies through distinguished scientific research, developing awareness of the problems of society and the environment, providing professional consultations and transferring knowledge and experiences related to activities that take place inside and outside the college and university.

2. The message of the educational media program (school theater)


The Educational Media Program (School Theater) prepares and graduates competing cadres and specialists in the fields of educational media and school theater specialists with high efficiency and professionalism, equipped with knowledge, skills and values ??that comply with national standards, and everything new to meet the requirements of educational, educational, media and technical institutions internally and externally. In line with the labor market and the needs of the community of modern scientific research distinguished.