Vision & Mission & Objectives

Its graduates meet the requirements of educational institutions and micro industrial projects based on the International standards in various specializations to meet community requirements.

Preparing cadres capable of educating and training students in the various art skills such as printing, drawing, weaving, photography and other art skills


Art Education Program seeks to achieve a distinguished and   prominent position for art education in accordance with Art Education National Academic Reference Standers (NARS)  and to provide a highly qualified graduate and researcher who serves university and society and meets the needs of the labor market.


1- Preparation of an art education teacher at different pre- university education levels and qualified pioneers in art education and social development programs in the light of educational outputs required by society

2- Preparation of a graduate who is capable of producing art and technological serves for society and labor market that increase income.


3-Preparation of a graduate who has team work skills and is scientifically and technologically qualified for dealing with information technology.