Required Learning Outcomes

 * Conditions for admission and awarding the master's degree in sexual education:

1- He must have obtained a specialization in education or its equivalent in the same specialty from other recognized institutes and universities, and in all cases

2- The applicant submits the approval of the employer submitted by the public institution.

3- A master's student is registered in a subject approved by the College Board based on the proposal of the Department Council.

4- The registration date is calculated from the date of approval of the College Board.

The jury shall discuss the student in a public debate after the lapse of a few years from the date on which the research topic was registered.

In the event that the research topic has changed substantially, acceptance of the College Board's approval of the change is the date of the new registration.

5- The student must pass a level in the approved language according to what it determines according to the timetable

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