To Qualify Graduates of Computers and Communications…..Master’s Degree Scholarships in Artificial Intelligence and Data Sciences for Students of the Digital Egypt Builders Initiative


 The Ministry of Communications and Information Technology launches the "Builders of Digital Egypt" initiative, which has dedicated a website to it via the following link:

It was announced during the inauguration by the President of the Republic of a number of educational facilities in September 2020, entitled "building the Egyptian person", which is one of the main themes in the strategy of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology to build a digital Egypt.

The initiative seeks to empower the next generation of young Egyptian graduates from faculties of engineering, computers and information to become world-class leaders capable of implementing the digital vision for Egypt.

The initiative is a free scholarship offered to 1,000 outstanding students annually from faculties of engineering, departments of computers, electronics, communications, medical, faculties of computers and information, faculties of sports sciences, computer department, which will be selected according to specific admission conditions and criteria to begin preparing them as young cadres in several fields, including Data science and artificial intelligence, cyber security, robotics and automation, and digital arts.

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