Discussion of the master's thesis for the study / Nagham Ahmed Anwar


 Today, Wednesday, 17/1/2022 AD, a master’s thesis was discussed by Nagham Ahmed Anwar, specializing in art education, under the title “The Folk Heritage of Kafr El-Sheikh Governorate as an Entrance to Creating Wooden Sculpture Works.” Specific Education, Prof. Dr. Amani Mohamed Shaker, Professor of Transcription and Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education, Prof. Lamia Karam Safi, Professor of Sculpture, Faculty of Specific Education, Prof. Dr. Mahmoud El-Sayed Ahmed, Professor of Wood Works, Faculty of Specific Education - Tanta University, A.M. Dr. Fadi Boutros Mikhail, Assistant Professor of Drawing and Painting, Faculty of Specific Education, where the Judgment and Discussion Committee praised the thesis and the work of the distinguished researcher.


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