Sixth of October Victories Ceremony and welcome new students


 Under the auspices of Dr. Abdelrazek Youssef Desouky, President of Kafr El-Sheikh University, the Faculty of Specific Education organized today an introductory meeting and the reception of new and old students in light of all precautionary measures.

This came in the presence of Prof. Hassan Younis, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Prof. Reda Saleh, Vice President for Community Service and Environmental Development, Prof. Dr. Mohamed Abdel Aal, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, Prof. Taye Abdel Latif, Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research for Student Activities, and Major General Pilot Ahmed Kamal Al-Mansoori, one of the heroes of the October War, Lieutenant-Colonel Staff Ahmed Abdel-Monsef, Director of Military Education at the university, Professor Dr. Amani Shaker, Dean of the College, the College’s Vice-Deans, faculty members, students, and students’ families for Egypt.
The ceremony began with playing the Republican anthem and then the recitation of the Noble Qur’an. The ceremony also included various artistic performances presented by the college students under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Amani Shaker, Dean of the College. The students also presented various artistic performances and an operetta in love with Egypt in sign language.
Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Youssef Desouky, President of Kafrelsheikh University, congratulated President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, the President of the Republic, the heroes of the Egyptian armed forces and the masses of the Egyptian people on the occasion of the forty-eighth anniversary of the glorious October victories, praying to God Almighty to direct his steps to achieve Egypt’s hopes in the fields of development, progress and what is good for the people Great and bright future for future generations.
The president of the university addressed a speech to the students in which he welcomed them and expressed his happiness at receiving the new students at the college and their joining the university family and wishing them success and excellence during the academic year.
 Dr. pointed out. Desouky pointed out that the Faculty of Specific Education at the university is rich in the capabilities of its talented students, and that the university is making every effort to create an appropriate climate for students that helps them show talent, innovations and creativity.
The President of Kafrelsheikh University stressed the university's keenness to host honorable national models to emulate them as an example of heroism, sacrifice and redemption for the sake of the homeland's pride and preservation of its unity and sovereignty, adding that the October victory is a historical miracle by all standards.
The university president urged the students to belong to the homeland and their university to create an honorable future for themselves, their country and their society.
The President of Kafrelsheikh University called on students to abide by and preserve customs, traditions and values within the university and college campuses, and to respect the system, public morals and precautionary health and preventive measures, stressing the participation in various student activities, sports, cultural, artistic and literary to build the student’s personality.
Dr. Taya Abdel Latif, advisor to the Minister of Higher Education for student activities, said that the ministry usually works every year to commemorate the celebration of the victories of the glorious October war, noting that there are assignments from the ministry to start the celebration of the October 6 war at the level of all Egyptian universities, with Panorama 6 October.
The advisor of the Minister of Higher Education for student activities added that, in implementation of the minister’s assignments, coordination was made with the Popular Defense Forces, moral guidance and universities. Screening of documentaries and dramas about the October War, honoring some families of martyrs, art exhibitions.
He explained that the Ministry of Education seeks to educate students and preserve the national identity through events and celebrations of national holidays.
Major General Pilot Ahmed Kamal Al-Mansoori, one of the heroes of the October War, expressed his pride in being called the "crazy pilot" by the Israeli army, saying: "I am proud that I got the title of the crazy pilot. I love the dirt of Egypt."
This came during his speech today at the educational symposium organized by the Faculty of Specific Education at Kafrelsheikh University, within the framework of the university’s celebrations of the glorious October victories, expressing thanks and appreciation to the administration of Kafrelsheikh University and its president, Prof. Dr. Abdelrazek Youssef Desouky, describing the university as a “giant”.
During his speech, Major General Al-Mansouri talked about the Mansourieh battle, the longest air battle, which lasted 13 minutes, and the medals and honors he received during his military career.
Al-Mansoori participated in 52 sorties during 18 days in the month of Ramadan, and he is the only one who succeeded in landing his plane while it was idle on the Zafarana Road, and the only one who performed an acrobatic movement while in an air maneuver with an Israeli pilot. The Military Star Medal, the War Wounded Medal twice, and other honors.
The Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education welcomed the attendance and the new and old students, and congratulated everyone on the occasion of the start of the new academic year, and said that all precautionary measures had been implemented before and during the celebration, noting everyone's commitment to preventive measures in implementation of the university's management plan.
Shaker expressed her happiness with the presence of Major General Pilot Ahmed Kamal Al-Mansoori at Kafrelsheikh University, stressing that it is a model of belonging and sacrifice for the younger generation, praising the efforts of the armed forces and the police in maintaining Egypt's security and stability.
At the end of the symposium, Dr. Desouky honored Major General Al-Mansoori by gifting him the university shield, and the dean of the college presented him with the college shield from the students’ implementation.


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