The participation of Prof. Dr. Amani Mohamed Shaker, Dean of the College, in the second meeting of the societal parties at the College of Arts



 Sponsorship of Dr. Abdel Razek Youssef Desouky, President of Kafrelsheikh University, and Prof. Dr. Walid El-Behairy, Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Prof. Amani Shaker, Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education and rapporteur of the National Council for Women branch in Kafr El-Sheikh participated in the second meeting with community parties, which was organized by the Sociology Department at the Faculty of Arts, Kafr El-Sheikh


Under the supervision of Dr. Hemat Bassiouni, Head of the Department, the meeting was attended by Dr. Hoda Al-Tanbari, Member of Parliament. Prof. Dr. Amani Shaker confirmed that Egyptian women are living their golden age under the leadership of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, with the care and attention he provides to women, and during her speech, her Excellency reviewed the efforts of the National Council for Women branch through implementing national initiatives that are concerned with women's health and participation in the vertical initiative A decent life, which targets the poorest villages, and praised the academic and societal role played by the Faculty of Arts, especially the Sociology Department.





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