Important instructions for upload researches on the university platform

 Submitting researches of the students of Faculty of Specific Education

Uploading Researches steps:
1 - Make sure that the file you upload is the subject file because the form will only allow you to upload the item once.
2 - After completing the research, save the file as pdf.
3 - Make sure that the file size is not more than 10 MB, because if it exceeds that, the program will refuse to upload it.
4 - The new student: The file is named as (the student's quadrant name - the identification number - the name of the subject - the grade - the Academic division)
5 - For falling students: the student's quadrant name - the current grade -falling (first, second, or third) - the identification number - subject – section.
6 - When going to the site to upload the research, enter the following link (here).
7 - Go to your grade and then to your section and then to the subject you want to upload.
8 - For backward students or students from the outside, you go to the grade, which you have fail in it and go to the subject to upload it.
9 - When you click on the word Upload Research, a form will be opened for you asking about the name of the subject you are uploading and your name, then enter your quadrant name as it is found in the lists, your sitting number, your national number and your status in the subject (new - backward - failure - from the outside) then ask you to upload the file by clicking upload the file, you will go to the location where you saved the file in your computer and upload it.
10-  Will Appear to you thanks and that your response has been sent.
By this steps, the research uploading has been ended.
Note: Uploading of research will start from May 31, until June18, and the period is open to all subjects.
Best wishes of success to everyone.