The opening of A Camp for One Day for the clans of the university



Under the auspices of Prof. Dr. / Abdel Razek Desouky President of Kafr Elsheikh University


A simulation model of a scout festival


Prof. Dr. Abdel Razek Desouky, President of the University, inaugurated on Wednesday, 20/11/2019 m one-day camp for mobile clans at the university, which was organized by the General Administration for Youth Welfare in the Scout camp at the university in the presence of deans of colleges.

The camp comes in implementation of the plan of student activities programs at Kafr El-Sheikh University and the selection of the formation of the mobile team to represent the university in the upcoming competitions.

The aim of the camp is to interact between the mobiles, disseminate the scout movement and its principles within the Scout University, raise the competence of the mobiles, train them on scouting skills, educate youth and promote national affiliation.




The camp started to raise and salute the flag and included training on the mechanisms of competition between the clans of colleges in the areas of religious, cultural, scouting, artistic and public service and concluded with a scout Samar ceremony.



The University President praised the preparation of the camp and the work of students and artistic works such as works, paintings and cellular cooking, explaining the keenness of the university administration to support various student activities for its important role in forming the personality of the students and developing their skills to acquire diverse experiences and cultures, pointing to the importance of the role of scouting and mobile activity to enhance the spirit of national belonging and discipline and commitment and work spirit One team and spread the spirit of honest competition among participants within the framework of the scout principles, which aims to develop the community and public service and community participation.

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