A Festive Carnival before the 12th Universities Youth Week


Under the patronage of Prof Dr Khalid Abed el Ghaffar, the minister of Higher Education and Prof Dr Ashraf Subhi, the minister of Youth and Sports and under the authority of the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, the participants in the 12th Universities Youth Week kicked off a majestic Carnival on Friday 1/2/2019, starting from sports stadium in Kafrelsheikh at 3 pm, passing through Sanaa Park and reaching the Kafrelsheikh governance building and finally returning to the university organizing for this forum. The carnival was filled with joy and happiness among the participants with the participation of some cars adorned with Egypt slogans and began with the presence of approximately 3000 students (male and female) from all Egyptian Universities accompanied by the President Prof Dr Maged el Kemary, all the universities’ Presidents and media as well as a number of ambulances. In a state of joy and pleasure, the participants raised the flag of Egypt and the slogan of Universities Youth Week “with science and knowledge we proceed towards construction” as well as signs to introduce their universities. As well, the Egyptian Universities presented demos of public folklore about the nature of environment of each governance and the region to which every university belongs.



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