A bright Picture of students’ college at Khalifa Al - Ma'mun street


Under the auspices of


       Prof. Maged A. El Kemary    President of Kafrelsheikh University


       Prof. Ali Abu-Shosha     Vice President of Community   Service and Environment Affairs

       Prof. Amany M. Shaker           Dean of Faculty of Specific Education


The Faculty of Specific Education (Community Service and Environmental Development Committee), , held an initiative entitled "clean and beautify your country" on Al Khalifa Al Mamoun Street in Kafr El Sheikh under the supervision of:


1- Assoc.Prof. Dalia Emad El Din El Masry - Head of Music Education Department


2. Dr. Shereen El-Deeb, Lecturer in Music Education Department


3- Dr. Samah Abdullah Al-Refai, Lecturer in Art Education Department


4. Dr. Amira Ahmed Fouad Hassan – Lecturer in Educational Technology Department


5. Mrs. Hadeer Mohammed El-Desouki - Assistant Lecturer, Department of Art Education


6. Mr. Mohammed El-Hayes, Secretary of the Faculty


7. Mr. Shaaban El-Liwati - Editor of the faculty website


8. 34 students from different departments of the faculty


o   The work was done at 8:30 AM in the presence of Prof. Amany M. Shaker, Dean of the Faculty where the work was divided into three groups:


o   The first group under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Dalia El Masry - Dr. Shereen El Deeb with 20 students and specialized in street hygiene.


o   The second group under the supervision of Dr. Samah Rifai and  Mrs Hadeer  El Desouki and with them 9 students and specializes in drawing and engraving on the garbage cans and pillars of lighting


o   The third group under the supervision of Dr. Amira Fouad with 5 students to paint garbage cans with oil


o   The wall of the church was painted on the street with a length of 15 meters and a height of 1.5 oil and drawing Egypt flag.


o   The passers-by witnessed the effort, work and thanks to faculty members and students


o   The work ended at the time of Friday prayers ... and long live Egypt .

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