The inauguration of the exhibition of characters and colors


Under the auspices of Prof. Dr Majid Al-Qamari - President of the University, Prof. Dr Abdel Razek Desouki, Vice President for Education and Students' Affairs

Prof. Amany Mohamed Shaker - Dean of the College; and

under the supervision of

Prof. Eman Rihan – Teaching Assistant, Department of Art Education, The Faculty of Specific Education - Kafr El-Sheikh University on Sunday, 23/4/2017, received the honorable Prof. Dr Majid Al-Qamari, the President of the University, and Prof. Dr Ali Abu Shousha, Vice President for Community Service and Environment Development and Prof. Dr Amani Mohammed Shaker - Dean of the Faculty where the exhibition (characters and colors) of the students of the fourth year in Design 3 course was attended by Prof, Dr Mervat Al-Demiri - Vice Dean for Community Service and Environment Development, Prof. Dr Lamia Karam Safi - Head of the Department of Art Education, faculty members and fourth year students. Prof. Dr Majid Al-Qamari praised the exhibition and the students' work.
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