Student Housing



University hostels provide great services for the students. They consist of two buildings, one for males: two residential units (792 students), another for females: four residential units (2200 students).

The restaurant

The ground floor: the kitchen

The first floor: a restaurant (for 350 males)

The second floor: a restaurant (for 350 females)

The students’ hostels are characterized by:

A strategic site

They are surrounded by high walls for security purposes.

Well paved roads

They are equipped with ambulances.

They are equipped with units for generating electricity in case of emergency.

A mosque

Water coolers and heaters

Food outlets

Green patches

Telephone lines


Admission terms:

A regular student

Not living in Kafrelsheikh or nearer

Has no disciplinary punishment has not been imposed upon the student.

Has not been forbidden to stay in the hostel the previous year.

Smoking is not allowed.  Students who smoke in the hostel are dismissed. They are liable for disciplinary punishment.

Has no financial dues in the previous year.

Physically fit.

Should not be married or employed.

Should pay fees within 15 days after being accepted.

In case of any accepted apology, a student may be admitted again according to the manager opinions. A fine of 10% is to be paid.

Residence ends by the end of exams.  A student may extend his stay during the summer according to study circumstances provided that a certificate is submitted.  Residence in summer does not include food during the summer holiday.



Rules for admission

60% of units for students who were admitted the previous years, with general grade good at least.

30 % of units for newly comers.

5 % of units for sick students. Medical report is required.

5% for social cases.

Admission priority for higher grades, residence and transportation problems.


Living regulations

Rules of the university hostels should be strictly followed to avoid disciplinary punishment.