Projects Management Unit


Within the national program for modernizing the state, the projects of the higher education development in Egypt was established and adopted by the National Conference of Higher Education Development in 2000


As well, the supreme council of universities No 405 on December 14, 2002 and its council No 406 on February 8, 2003 has issued decisions about the approval of forming organizational structure and the general framework which organize for the management of the implementation of the projects of higher education development

On the belief of the University for its Role in contributing to the renaissance of contemporary Egypt and preparing for future generations what they need from leading scientific leadership and preparing for its student what they require to be with scientific efficiency 

The president issued a resolution No 20 on August 8, 2006 about establishing development projects management unit and appointing Prof Dr Gamal Ahmed el Sayad, the professor of Surgery in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine to be executive manager of University Projects Management Unit (UPMU)

On the other hand, the President issued a resolution No (2916) for the year 2010 about appointing Prof Dr Ibrahim Ibrahim el Hawary, professor in Food Control Department in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, to be executive manager of University Projects Management Unit (UPMU) from 7/10/2010.