Children's University students in the hospitality of the Faculty of Physiotherapy


 Today, Sunday, February 20, 2022, the Faculty of Physiotherapy hosts the children participating in the new phase of the Children’s University, which is organized by Kafrelsheikh University during the period 13-20 February 2022, under the auspices of Prof. Scientific research and technology. Within the framework of the college administration's keenness to participate in the activities of this unique event, which aims to refine and enhance the educational, artistic and innovative abilities and capabilities of children.

Where Prof. Dr. Fayez Farouk El-Shamy, Dean of the Faculty and Prof. Dr. Iman Abdel-Fattah, Vice Dean for Education Affairs and students received the children to introduce them to the Faculty and its importance in practical reality, as the Faculty of Physiotherapy is one of the practical faculties closely related to our daily life. A number of workshops were held to introduce physiotherapy and Make a visit to the outpatient clinics in college


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